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Data Centres

Connectivity is a different expertise, we gladly use the services of Intouch to provide us with a multi data centre solution for our hosted services. If the data centre is good enough to host our National super computer Cartesius, the data centre is good enough for us! more

Email Exchange Online Server

Currently the only product of Microsoft we can still sort of appreciate is the Exchange server. Our exchange solutions and services are all hosted on our own infrastructure in Dutch data centres. So no third party US based company is involved. We are not in the business of reselling accounts of the microsoft cloud like most providers.

If you are also concerned that the recently leaked source code of Exchange will reveal more remote exploit incidents. Discuss with us the options of semi-internet connected and totally secluded solutions. more

and charity

Many species are threatened with extinction, including the (large) wild felines. SPOTS Foundation focuses on these felines and RoosIT has chosen to sponsor them.
Once the cheetah was a land animal that frequently came into the world and lived on four continents. Today, the cheetah lives only on the African continent, and there are only a few dozen living in Iran and Afghanistan. Loss of habitat, loss of prey and competition with humans for living space; all this demands a high toll on the cheetah. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were still about 100,000 cheetah worldwide, in 44 countries across Africa and Asia. Today, the cheetah population is estimated at 12,000 to 15,000.
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