About us

The company has been active since 1995, with a strong focus on a national based managed service delivery. That means none of our client’s hosted servers, applications, email and data are subcontracted or routed outside of Dutch borders. All of your data stays within the Netherlands.

If you believe that all your data should stay within the Dutch data centres, and you do not want to force clients contacting you to have to share information with some US based or even EU based third party, gives us a call or send us an email. (Don’t worry, our email is not hosted on at google or Microsoft, nor is our voip and this visit is also not logged abroad.)

Data centers

We realise that top quality services require top quality components and infrastructure. What we value is the proximity of information and professionalism in every detail.

Because of that, we have chosen the Amsterdam Data Tower owned by Digital Realty and the Gyrocenter DC2, as the core of our cloud. With the hardware and software solutions present, we couldn't imagine a better place for your most precious information to be stored but a proven safe haven of the Amsterdam Data Tower.

In fact, Surf Sara had decided to store their supercomputer Carthesius in the Tower.

Digital reality info, GyroCenter DC2 info


For the last 10-20 years;

We have been using the offshore outsourcing services of F1 Outsourcing Development for accounting and development projects, so that we can focus on our core competences. Through them our clients are able to benefit from attractive development rates.

Intouch and I-motion provides datacentre maintenance and connectivity.

Contact information


Pilotenstraat 64
1059 CR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Email ue.tisoor@ofni
Phone +31 20 3458804
Fax +31 20 3458806
Chamber of Comm. 34094628
Bank Swift/BIC: RABO NL 2U
IBAN: NL23 RABO 0372 3042 65
Tax VAT number: NL810092098B01

Financial department

For financial inquireries please use the contant information below.

Email ue.tisoor@gnitnuocca
Phone +31 20 3458804
Fax +31 20 3458806

Our clients

Our customers are mostly small and medium size enterprises, who require a larger provider involvement. With us they find the expertise and flexibility that is no longer present in the larger companies.


Ollimania has chosen our partner F1 Outsourcing Development to develop their new WordPress website.


De Amersfoortse has chosen our partner F1 Outsourcing Development to develop their new crowdfunding website. Hosted on multiple secured virtual servers.

The number of projects financed in 2014 was 13, about half of the initial number. The website attracted more than 500,000 unique visitors in 2014 and 2,000 investors came forward. The crowd and De Amersfoortse together invested some € 500,000 in the featured businesses.


Advising and facilitating the implementation of new technological applications like R statistical computing, to do safe and secure personal data processing.

Time Track

Time Track has chosen for our AMS-IX cloud hosting solution and together with our partner F1 Outsourcing Development, a custom made scheduling and reporting application has been implemented with postgres database servers, java application servers and cronjob servers, which are needless to say monitored 24/7.

The Dutch Government Information Service

Due to the good results, that our registration software has achieved at th dot-eu domains launch in 2006, a few national organisations, the Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties among others, have chosen our services as they seek a reliable and experienced partner who could secure their domain names from hijackers. We have implemented these services with the introduction of the Dutch numerical domain names.

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands

Our relation with the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, has resulted in cooperation with several public organizations such as the Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, Koninkrijksrelaties and the dutch Tax Office.

Mitsubishi Motors

The good results which we have achieved when obtaining dot-eu domain names for our customers, have led Mitsubishi Motors to choose our services. In order to accomplish better results than previously through their preferred supplier. Our guidance and the specially developed registration software have allowed us to achieve excellent results in their domain name registrations.

KPN digital television

At the launch of an advertising campaign of the digital TV service, it is sometimes impossible for large companies like KPN to release resources in a short term, therefore, the website development agency engaged our services. In order to be able to handle the expected large number of visitors in a very short period of time, servers with dedicated configuration and custom website hosting software have been introduced.