Domain registration

Think about what you register and use as your internet domain name. Your marketing people probably want you to register lots of domains like 'dot-rocks', 'dot-pro' and 'dot-email', simply because it's trendy, but this is really not that smart considering today's phishing and CEO fraud. If you use multiple domains for public communication it is difficult for your clients to understand which domain is yours from the ones that are not. Clearly communicate what you are using and do not use anything else.

RoosIT is a proud (early) member of the foundation Internet Domeinregistratie of the Netherlands and Eurid

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International and exotic domains

If you are still interested in using international or exotic domain extensions taking into considering that some people are searching for Dutch companies specifically on a 'dot-nl' domain name and search engines also rate on domain extensions. Some domain extensions have a really bad spam reputation and are constantly being blocked.

Let us know what you want and we will have it up and running within hours.

Registration of digital certificates

If your domain operates with sensitive data e.g., payment method details, you will need something to secure that information. We offer 256 bit SSL certificates, a standard in e-commerce today.