What sets any smaller company apart from the larger companies, is the personal touch, quicker and easier access to better and more experienced advice. We just know our clients, without having to open something like salesforce.

Our hosting services are characterised as an all inclusive service. You do not need to do anything yourself. Just call us or send us an email with your request. We know you get a diy panel at most providers. To us, these are a security risk and a possibility for you to incorrectly or inefficiently configure services, so this just does not matches with our aspired performance level.

Using our services you can guarantee your clients that their data does not end up at some big data company abroad when they communicate with you.

Email hosting

As with any of our services, everything is based at the Amsterdam data centre's and is not routed across borders. We are not outsourcing services to Amazon, Google, Germany, some weird Romanian or Canadian company or any other country, because it would be easier and cheaper for us.

This makes us the perfect email provider if you care about your clients privacy. Because most people seem to forget that if you yourself do not care about your own privacy, the one that contacts you might actually care. We are one of the few companies that can actually guarantee your clients data is not leaking abroad.

We offer several email account solutions, large mailboxes of >100GB are not a problem. We can also offer hybrid solutions that have exchange email accounts and conventional email accounts.

Application hosting

We can offer you a variety of application hosting solutions, either in a shared environment or a private one. We have container orchestrator platform that allows us to dynamically deploy and montior your task.

It does not matter if you do not have any experience, an idea is good enough. It is our job to realize your solution

A way to provide your customers with your application, is through Application Hosting, which will allow them to use it wherever they are, without the need for annoying installation processes.

Some of the many possible solutions are: R, Tomcat Server, Reports Server or some python server

Website Hosting

We make sure that you are able to put your site up and running without trouble, we offer expertise on the process of getting you online.

We can host your wordpress site, but we are also interested in dealing with your problem to scale your web application and try to decrease latency.

If you value your friendly neighbourhood web developer's advice above ours, we are probably not the right partner for you. Because up until now, we did not encounter any web developer that exceeded our knowledge of hosting and security.

Chat hosting

When anyone encounters a problem, the key for the provider is to offer a solution as quickly as possible. Because of that, the communication channels have to be efficient and easy to use.

One of the ways to achieve this, is by implementing a live-chat service on your website. The customer will have a direct and almost instantaneous way of solving their issues.

We have several solutions to implement chat the somewhat older OpenFire Webchat Server - this software can easily be added to an existing website, without disrupting the existing structure. We are currently waiting for Matrix synapse to implement correct proxy handling, so we can offer this via our container cloud.

Download this pdf file that will shows you an example of OpenFire in action