Managed services

To keep our network ‘clean’ we only offer managed services. Managed services, means we are maintaining and servicing your technology. This includes monitoring health and security, applying critical updates and preventive maintenance along with access to experienced consultancy.

Our managed services go beyond your solutions running on our infrastructure. When you desire to run some virtual servers on premisses, we are happy to include them in our maintenance and monitoring schedule. This way you can benefit from the decades of experience we have gathered keeping our infrastructure readily accessible.

Managed host

We provide the installation, applying security updates, installing additional software updates and 24/7 monitoring of your managed server.

You determine which features should be included in the monitoring so that we can take action when it comes to interruptions caused by e.g., hardware failure, overload and software problems. We will also deal with creating backups of the server.

and we support Linux and Windows environments. Besides our regular services, we have a lot of experience with clustering, load balancing and database hosting. In addition, we can also provide redundant environments across different data centres.