We are not offering unmanaged virtual servers, too often we see ‘unprofessional’ companies use a virtual server and never update it or care about it. Sooner or later this leads to a hacked website/server which sends out spam or other abuse. For such services, it would be better to go with Amazon or Google cloud. The spectre and meltdown exploits clearly show how fragile such shared infrastructures can be. By refusing such clients on our network, we effectively lift our whole infrastructure to a much higher security level than most providers can ever offer.

This fits perfectly with our vision of delivering higher security and privacy services to our clients. Tell us about your problem and your requirements, we can either supply you with a fully virtualized solution or maybe something like a stateful or stateless container solution.

Online Exchange Server

At some point you do not want to host your exchange email accounts in a shared environment thus. A private virtual server becomes an interesting alternative. We can provide you with a fully managed exchange solution, in a data availability group environment. The DAG is really necessary to have, to guarantee high availability.

The solution you are getting from us, is not just some cloned image where an admin had been clicking next. We like to believe that we created a very nice and secure virtual environment. It is so secure that the exchange server does not even have internet access.

Contact us to learn more about this. Please note, thatthis service is completely offered from Dutch data centre’s without any services being outsourced or routed to external organizations.

Remote desktop

As your business grows, you might find yourself in need of new IT solutions that will improve your mobility and the security of your work stations. If this describes what you are looking for, you might want to consider our Remote Desktop service, which can actually reduce your costs while providing you with the fore mentioned advantages

We offer fully managed Windows remote desktop hosting solutions in our cloud environment. We take care of securing, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure and lowering the costs, since you don't need to buy equipment, licenses or backup systems.

This solution is implemented as a privately managed virtual server. We assist you in setting up a secure workflow, and we are not just giving you a clone of a standard rdp server.

There are many advantages of using a remote desktop service, to learn more about some of them, click more.


These are just some of the good things that come with a Remote Desktop service.

Mobility - It won't matter if you are unable to get to work due to snow, or if you are on a business trip. As long as you have a desktop or a laptop with you, then you are able to connect and get the job done.

Security - Making sure your data is safe is one of our top priorities, and with a straight connection to us, chances of unwanted access decreases drastically

Cost-Effectiveness - This is a service that can save money in a variety of ways, for example: Lowered Hardware Cost - Since most of the work is done by our servers, your work stations can be more limited in terms of performance, and thanks to this, simply cheaper. Increased Hardware Lifespan - Because the access station are not the ones performing calculations, their parts will be able to operate for much longer. Lower onsite IT costs - Less work and maintenance is necessary on site.

Contact us to see if we can present you with a trail to test your remote desktop solution.